Customers Set Sail on New Tayana 48′!

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Rod & Billie bought our new 2012 Tayana 48′ a few months back with hopes of cruising the Pacific Northwest and Canada for a year then working their way down to the Caribbean. So far, they’re off to a promising start!

After naming their Tayana “Moana”, the cruising couple set sail about 3 weeks ago to explore the San Juans and the waters up North. With only a few minor hiccups, Rod & Billie are having the time of their life on “Moana” and making great progress! As of today, they have hit Roche Harbor, Strait of Georgia, Big Bay, Gillard Rapids, Dent Island, and a few others. Next up, they plan to continue their cruise up to Shoal Bay, the Blind Channel and Octopus Island


Rod & Billie are prime examples of why we are in this business… To get people into boating and make their dreams a reality! We absolutely LOVE hearing all the adventures our customers embark on in their new boats from us, including this one. We are thrilled to hear that Rod & Billie are having such a blast on their Tayana 48′ and can’t wait to hear about more of their journey to come.

These are a just a few photos of their boat and experience thus far.. Thanks Rod & Billie for sharing!!

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