Trending Boat Product: Original Campsuds Soap

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Product Details
In the 1960’s Campsuds became the first biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner created specifically to meet the needs of the boater, camper, backpacker and adventure traveler. Since then it has been carried to every corner of the planet by three generations of outdoor enthusiasts. Compact, versatile, hard working, convenient and environmentally safe, Campsuds has many imitators, but remains the market leader today. Works equally well in cold water — salt water too! Just a few drops will handle any cleaning job. Strong enough for dishes and clothes, yet gentle enough for body and hair. Made from natural vegetable-derived ingredients with natural essential oil fragrance. Makes a great helper around the boat!

Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz and Gallon sizes.

Can be purchased on Amazon and through other retailers such as REI.

Company Info
In 1968 Charlie Maurer and his neighbor Gene McVey founded Sierra Dawn and started selling Campsuds. Gene created the original package designs and made sales calls to local mountaineering shops, Charlie mixed up the small batches of the Campsuds formula, and together they bottled up the finished product in Gene’s garage. One of Charlie’s hobbies was formulating cleaning and personal care products for various uses, and Campsuds was more like a hobby for both Gene and Charlie in the beginning. But the Campsuds idea was unique, and quite popular from the start, and sales took off. In the late 1960’s backpacking boomed in popularity, and Campsuds was picked up by some of the new outdoor specialty distributors that were starting up. Since that time Campsuds has basically sold itself based on its reputation for exceptional quality and convenience. Campsuds sales continued to grow year after year, and are still growing strong today!

From the beginning, Charlie’s son Chris worked part-time for Sierra Dawn, helping Gene and his dad fill the orders, and this continued to be a part-time job for Chris for many years. Chris attended Sonoma State University in northern California in the mid-1970’s, and graduated with a degree in liberal studies in 1979. He traveled and worked at various jobs after college, eventually returning to work full time at Sierra Dawn. In the early 1980’s Gene left the business and Chris became a partner with his dad. By the late 1980’s Charlie decided to turn the business over to his son.

Now with almost fifty years of hands-on experience, Chris continues to run the business very much in the tradition of his father, endeavoring to provide the highest quality products at a fair price, and the best possible service to Sierra Dawn’s customers.

Check out their website for more on the original soap and other products they carry. 

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